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InspecDoc Inspection Services opened for business in 1994 in an effort to help serve the real estate community.  As property inspection demand increased, InspecDoc did as well and quickly became a multi inspector firm.  In 1997, Peter Hopkins was approached to assist with InspecDoc’s growth.   Peter Hopkins was a practicing inspector at the time and agreed to accept overflow work from InspecDoc.  With a strong existing client base and a thriving business model, Peter Hopkins decided to merge companies and subsequently purchased InspecDoc in 1998.  The company was further developed and grew to 4 inspectors by 2003 with the real estate boom.   2004 showed a slight decline in business as with that, Peter Hopkins developed a sister company, SoCal Infrared and launched services in 2005.  SoCal Infrared was initially developed to capture the growing demand of energy audits and as well to offer our inspection clients the opportunities for further answers when it comes to leak conditions which are often found during property inspections.  SoCal Infrared further developed and has expanded to advanced forensics and electrical evaluations with large corporate clients and has become a successful business of its own.


Peter Hopkins has been inspecting homes and commercial buildings since 1996 having personally performed over 7500 property inspections. Peter is an ICC Code Certified Building Inspector and is a member of several inspection associations. In addition to continuing his education, involvement and leadership in professional organizations, Peter advocates continuing education and professional accreditation of his professional staff.



Mike Stine joined InspecDoc in 2020 after retiring from the Marine Corps after 26 years of service. During that time, he moved his family to many homes of varying levels of quality in different areas of the world. He became very familiar with the fact that the happiness of every tour of duty was directly related to the happiness of his family in their home. That happiness was largely dependent upon the quality of the home. With that in mind, Mike is hopeful to be a valuable asset to assist people in understanding the quality of the home they are purchasing. Mike directly trained under Peter Hopkins for several months in the field after completing an intense home inspectors training school and prior had worked for a home builder for several  years while learning the process of building a home from the ground up.   Mike looks forward to helping home buyers better understand the quality of the homes they are buying.  Mike will be working all our Southern California Territories.



Josh Pugh joined InspecDoc with our sister company SoCal Infrared in 2007 after many years in the service industry specializing in HVAC testing.  In 2022, Josh transitioned into our home inspection where he will further grow our company expanding our Southern California presence.




Anna Hopkins (Some say better half of Peter Hopkins) works in the capacity of client services and marketing growth for InspecDoc Inspection Services, Inc.

Office Staff:  Inspecdoc is staffed with associates to schedule inspections and answer questions 6 days a week.

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