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InspecTIP #2
Water:  The Root of all Evils

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Having been a home inspector for over 17 years, I come across a common findings I term as “root of all evils” This is referring to water, something we need to live but yet causes the most damage in your home. I recommend having a good look around your home for things that might cause water to come in before the winter season hits us. Some great places to look at are your Grading (dirt) Do you have dirt too high or a planter against your structure? Does your dirt around the house slope towards the house? Think like water, could it be a problem? Make the changes before they get ya!

How are your gutters? Have you cleaned them, make sure with all the fall leaves doing their thing that you clean those gutters before it’s too late and the “root of all evils” just cascades right to your house.

InspecTIP #3
The Best Investment you can make in your home!


Gutters and Downspouts: If you have been following our tips, we told you earlier that the “Root of all Evils” seemed to always lead to water when it comes to residential problems. Controlling that water is one of the best things you can do to help control problems from happening by directing water away from your structure.   With the fall having dropped likely some leaves, now is a good time to check your gutters and make sure they are clean and ready to do their job.

Do you have a flat roof? You might want to go up on that roof and check to see if you are holding water anywhere