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InspecDoc Inspection Services, Inc.

When you order an InspecDoc inspection, you will receive our computerized narrative report printed on-site.  Your inspection report  will be presented in a custom binder and will also include a comprehensive home maintenance & repair manual to help you maintain and protect your new home.  We can additionally provide you and your agent a digital copy of report on-site (note:  emailed or can be placed on your thumb drive).

As an option to our standard report, InspecDoc can also provide you with a digitally imaged photographic report of your new home.

We have provided a sample narrative report so you can see what your InspecDoc inspection tells you about the subject property.

Sample Report Image NEW PNG

Our Inspections Can Pinpoint

Structural Deficiencies


Garage Door Damage

damaged garage door

Improper Flashing Installation


A/C Low Charge


Cracked Foundation


Improper and Damaged Electrical

30 amp breaker overfused overheated wire

Electrical Fuse (improper repair)

Electrical Disconnect Aluminum Foil on Fuses

Improper Window Installation

Window hung sideways great picture

Cracked Chimney


Optional Services: Infrared Imaging via SoCal Infrared & Sewer Inspections

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From the top of the roof to the foundation below, and over 300 critical features in between, your property will be thoroughly inspected.